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29 Mar

COLUMBUS >> Pilloried by negative attacks and lagging in funding and some polls, former Democratic Gov. Sen. Rob Portman.

The multimillion dollar ad buy is airing in markets across Ohio. The 60 second spot focuses on Strickland hardscrabble childhood in Appalachian Ohio, his blue collar roots and the campaign working class focus.

up his family lost a house in a flood, and a second to a fire, an announcer says. Strickland learned early in life what one bad break, what one missed paycheck can do to a family.

The ads skirt his four years as governor, a target of anti Strickland ads in the millions of dollars.Cheap Jerseys free shipping Leading the state during a national recession, Strickland presided over deep budget cuts and about 350,000 job losses.

Anti Portman ads also are filling Ohio airwaves in one of 2016 most expensive election contests. Those are mostly funded by outside groups allied with Strickland.

Michawn Rich, a campaign spokeswoman for Portman, called it desperate move by the Strickland campaign to jump ahead of its previously announced ad schedule, noting the timing follows his loss of several key union endorsements to Portman.

a brutal month of lost union endorsements and criticism from their own party, the Strickland campaign is panicking and spending money they don have on a 60 second biographical ad that conveniently fails to mention Ted disastrous time as governor, she said.

Portman is one of the best funded Senate campaigns in the nation, with $13.2 million in the bank at the end of June, compared to Strickland $3.8 million.

tech lasers to ultraluxury vehicles

Antoine Dominic was set to ease into early retirement in 2008 after selling the high tech laser company he had run for several years and making a fortune on the stock he owned.

Dominic, a native of Sri Lanka, stayed on as a consultant and indulged his passion for collecting and driving ultraluxury sedans and exotic sports cars.

But fate took him in a new direction. Within a couple of years, the owners of ailing Champion Motor Group, a luxury brand retailer on New York’s Long Island asked if he was interested in buying its Bentley store.

“They were trying to salvage the company, and I was probably one of their largest customers,” he said.

Dominic did buy Bentley Long Island in March 2010 and leased the same building used by Champion, which declared bankruptcy and lost its Lambo franchise.

In 2011, he bought a Rolls Royce dealership and moved that operation into the building. Last year, he added an open Lamborghini point at the Jericho site. The new Lamborghini showroom opened in January and is the largest Lambo store in North America, said Michael Lock, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America in Herndon, Va.

Dominic, 51, is anything but retired, but it’s not a problem.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store,” he said.

Dominic operates the three stores as Bespoke Motor Group. Each has its own showroom and entrance, and there are accessory boutiques and configurators for customers to personalize their cars. The showrooms share a lounge area, eight seat theater and the service area in the rear.

“We want customers to use our facilities as a meeting and networking point,” Dominic said. “We do functions and networking for our customers,” he said.

Bespoke Motor Group is expected to sell about 300 new cars this year, up from 175 in 2012. The cheapest is the 2013 Bentley Continental GT, with a base price of $176,725. The most expensive is the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 4 Roadster at $445,300. The prices include shipping.

Dominic had to persuade high end manufacturers to appoint him as a dealer. Lamborghini reviewed his application for a year, but the Lambo store opened in January.

Dominic knew his way around such hardware before becoming a dealer. His personal stable includes a Maserati MC12, a Porsche Carrera GT and “a few Lamborghinis,” as well as his daily drivers several Bentleys and Rolls Royces. He used to own Ferraris including an Enzo, an F50 and an F40 but sold them when he became a Lamborghini dealer “out of loyalty.”

But moving from collector to retailer was a culture shock. “If you don’t have the next best thing, you will be left out. Here it is a different type of pressure. I do not design the product, but we have to sell it.”

Dominic came to the United States to study at Radford University in Radford, Va., where he earned a degree in accounting and later an MBA. He’s also a certified public accountant.

After school, Dominic joined CompuDyne Corp., a maker of security systems in Annapolis, Md. He rose through the ranks to become CFO. He became the company’s CEO in 2000, engineered a recovery and sold it in 2008.

“Of course I had shares in the company,” he said. “I was contemplating winding down, going into semi retirement.”

Dominic thought he could remain semi retired, even after buying the Bentley store, but he soon discovered otherwise. His new employees, many hired from the defunct Champion stores, all had experience in auto retailing. But Dominic said the dealership needed a dose of financial discipline.

He also had to persuade manufacturers to appoint him as a dealer for their high end franchises. In particular, Rolls Royce’s North American management in New Jersey was skeptical, until Dominic began pointing out similarities between the company he had run and car dealerships.

“I was used to working with small margins,” he said, “and a lot what we did was Internet based.”

Dominic’s application for a Lamborghini franchise was under review for a year. Lock said he visited the Bentley store and even came to the grand opening last year of the Rolls Royce dealership, where he saw Dominic’s car collection.

“He had a competent team, and we were impressed with their skills,” Lock said. “He is very knowledgeable about exotic sports cars and he successfully ran a multimillion dollar business.”

As a dealer, Dominic halted print advertising, which he calls old fashioned, and shifted all marketing to digital. Sales and finance people got iPads loaded with vehicle and financial information.

On the finance side, “we have real time accounting so the company knows where it stands. We can close the books in a day for the month. That was one of the key things I did.”.

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18 Mar

Blenheim Ginger Ale is the world’s best spicy ginger ale. Our boutique ginger ale is one of America’s oldest soft drinks with roots dating back over 110 year to 1903. Back then it was a small business built by two local Blenheim, SC men using water from artisanal well water and Jamaican ginger as a health tonic for troubled stomachs. Today it’s still a small family run business that is a labor of love keeping this great tradition alive.

The Ides of March give way to one of America’s favorite holidays. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most heavily celebrated times of the year. People love to have a green beer or three and maybe an adult beverage to mark the occasion. But what is the occasion actually? Many people aren’t even aware of what St. Patrick’s Day is really celebrating. They get caught up in the beads, shamrocks, green clothing, and green beer, but don’t think about the cause of the occasion.


St. Patrick was a Christian missionary and Bishop who became known for starting churches and monasteries throughout the country of Ireland. He spent 40 years traveling the country bringing the Christian faith to everyone from paupers to kings. One of the many miracles attributed to him was driving all the snakes from Ireland. He died on March 17, 461 A.D. and the people of Ireland turned this day into a celebration of his incredible life. Over the years the celebration has broadened to become a worldwide affair. In the United States there are more people of Irish descent than in Ireland itself. St. Patrick’s Day has turn out to be a national iconic party.

In an ironic twist, people celebrate this saint of the Christian faith by having a few alcoholic beverages. We already know that Blenheim spicy ginger ale makes an excellent mixer, so this month we have an Irish drink that’s perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day party. It’s a little known trivia fact that ginger ale was invented in Ireland in 1851, so combining it with Irish whiskey makes perfect sense. One of the easiest recipes is to fill a highball glass with ice, add 1.5oz of your favorite Irish whiskey, fill the glass the rest of the way with your favorite Blenheim ginger ale flavor and garnish with a twist of lemon or lime.

Blenheim Ginger Ale makes a superb addition to an Irish Gold cocktail. This tasty drink combines whiskey, ginger ale, peach schnapps and orange juice into a refreshing cocktail. Follow the recipe below, and as always enjoy responsibly.


2 parts Irish Whiskey

2 parts Ginger ale

1/2 part peach schnapps

Splash of orange juice

Lime wheel for garnish


Build the whiskey, schnapps and juice in a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wheel.

If you need to find Blenheim Ginger Ale near you, our Store Locator is a great tool. You can also order our spicy ginger ale from the Blenheim Online Store.

Do you have a favorite drink, food or cocktail recipe that make with one of our spicy ginger ale products? Leave a comment below and we might feature it in an upcoming blog post.

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