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blenheimshrine_websiteAll of us here at Blenheim Ginger Ale in Hamer, South Carolina are blessed to have the most passionate, creative and loyal fans of any soft drink on the planet. Our addictively spicy ginger ale warps the senses on the first taste and traps the drinker in a state of bliss that lasts beyond the borders of South Carolina. We receive notes, order requests and fan mail from all over the globe, and today we will recognize some of our hardcore followers.

Our biggest fan is undoubtedly Blenny from Blenheim Shrine. He has developed an entire website devoted to Blenheim Ginger that has been around much longer than our own site. For many years he has carried the torch for the fire of Blenheim on the web with a comprehensive history, blog and list of suppliers. He also has a Facebook fan page devoted to Blenheim. Another small site that has been around for a decade, Brent Aliverti has a page on his Antimatter Containment Field site with the original flyer copy that used to come with every order of Blenheim Ginger Ale.

Sydney Vaughn is big Blenheim Ginger Ale junkie as well. His email said “I’ve been drinking Blenheim since living in eastern NC in the 70s and it is truly incomparable.” He was kind enough to send us a drink recipe he calls the “Jim and Ginger.” His cocktail consists of half a tumbler of ice, a generous jigger of Jim Beam whiskey, a squeeze of orange wedge, and then he fills the rest of the glass with Blenheim Ginger Ale. Sure sounds like a great mix of refreshing fruit juice sparked up by Blenheim’s ginger heatwave.

We have received generous notes of support from such far flung places as Japan and Saudi Arabia, and emails from around the corner here in South Carolina and North Carolina. Watch this space for more of your letters, recipes and thank-you notes in the future.  As always if you have a favorite drink, food or memory of Good Ole Blenheim Ginger Ale feel free to drop us a line because we truly appreciate our fans.

You can follow us on Facebook; it’s our official page and we’ll have updates on all the new developments on Blenheim Ginger Ale as they happen. You can also follow us on Twitter for news, notes and other bits about what’s going on with Blenheim Ginger Ale.

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One Response to “Blenheim Ginger Ale Fan Appreciation ~ Blenheimshrine.com”

  1. dkf says:

    I am sure glad Blenheim is still available. I grew up in SC and graduated from a University there. I have been drinking Blenheim up until the day I left the state. Then it was 10 years of missing a memorable time honored refreshment.

    After school, I moved in and out of a few places going as far north as Chicago and as far south as Texas. During this time, every so often, I checked the internet to see if Blenheim was available anywhere near where I had lived. Unfortunately, it was not.

    It was not too long ago, that a website had suggested that Blenheim was ceasing to exist. This is where I had begun to worry that I would not be able to drink watery eyes inducing yet very tasty ginger ale (nothing else can compare to it).

    As I had said, for 10 years I had been pinning for the beverage, and while moving back to the southeast, settling into Virginia, I made a point to stop somewhere along I85 to see if Blenheim was still around.

    Much to my delight, an Abbot Store in Gaffney, SC had it (and PLENTY of it, too). I told the proprietor my worries, and he said a lot of other customers were expressing the same concern. He also said that as far as he knows nothing has changed.

    Thank God.

    PS. On a trip back from Newberry on I85, I again made it a point to stop at a store. Good Lord! Luck was on my side! I just missed on Abott store which had closed by literally a minute or two.

    Focused and determined, I tried another stop and even though that Abbot was technically closed (at the same time as the previous stop). Providence had my back, a kind young lady clerk had been demonstrating excellent customer service with an almost bottomless well of patience assisting a customer with directions (an hour past closing time no less).

    I quickly grabbed a case, and this marks the second case in a year and a half.

    Thank you Blenheim for hanging in there!

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