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29 Mar

Picnic Birthday Party IdeasChildren birthday parties are fun and easy with just a little creative thinking. Consider the possibilities of a picnic as the theme. Picnic birthday party ideas abound. The decorations, activities, and food could not be easier. All ages can enjoy such a gathering. Children of

elementary school age are a perfect targeted age group for such a function. What is old is new on this one. Red and white checkered tablecloths and an outdoor area are the main requirements. Hay bales can double as serving tables when covered with patterned fabric or oil cloth. Inexpensive bandanas displayed or even used as a clothing item add to the festivities. Consider stringing the bandanas using cord or twine. Tie the twine between some posts such as readily available trees.Cheap Jerseys free shipping Anything works here with the age of the attendees taken into account. A party tunes CD with children tunes such as Chicken Dance works well for younger children. Country western music is excellent. Pick one up that teaches line dancing and make the music double as an activity.

Activities: Sadly, many children today only think of entertainment as electronic. Turn off the computers and enable participants enjoy a grand old, traditional time. Considerations are; sack races, face painting, egg in the spoon relay race, bean bag toss, bingo, duck duck goose, or pi Line dancing as mentioned above adds a Make ice cream at the beginning of the party. Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled meats, cole slaw, potato salad or potato chips, and baked beans play together to create the complete menu. Serve the delectable delights in red lined with red checkered napkins or paper. These are inexpensive easily stored and used repeatedly for different occasions. Kabobs with fresh fruits of the season delight everyon

e. Rounded tip skewers work well for younger children. Set up an ice cream cone station complete with all the fixings. Doing so sets up one sweet ending to a perfect birthday picnic party!

How to Help an Injured Duck

Pet and domestic ducks can suffer injury from accidents, animal attacks and misadventure. If you have an injured duck, you will need to catch it and place it in a container so you can transport it to a veterinarian or avian care center. An injured duck can be stressed by being caught. Keep family pets and young children out of the way and keep her in a quiet and dark environment.

What Type of Injury?

Visually determine whether the duck is bleeding, limping or has a drooping wing. If it has a cut of less than inch, you may not have to take it to a vet. If there is a possibility of a broken bone, it will need treatment. Small cuts can be treated with water and antiseptic solution after speaking to a professional. Sometimes ducks can get tangled in fishing line, wire or string. You will need a helper to hold the duck while you cut the tangle away before deciding if any serious injury has been caused.

Catching the Duck

A pet or domestically raised duck who is accustomed to humans may allow you to pick her up, even though she is injured. A frightened duck may require a net to catch her. You must be steady and gentle when using a net and be careful not to hit the duck with the metal rim. Remove her from the net as quickly as possible. When you pick up a duck, you should cradle it close to your body with the wings tucked in, and with a hand around the neck.

Containing the Duck

Use a pet carrier or a cardboard box big enough to hold your duck comfortably. The container should be well ventilated and have a lid. You can punch air holes in the box before you place the duck inside. Have newspaper on the floor and cover the container with a towel or blanket as ducks will quieten down and be more relaxed in the dark. Place the container somewhere quiet.

Contact a Professional

Contact your veterinarian or avian caregiver and describe the type of injury. For minor injuries that do not need bandaging, they may suggest you cleanse and treat the wound yourself. In most cases you should take her to a veterinarian to be treated as soon as possible. Keep the cover over the box while you transport her. The sooner the duck receives treatment, the better the chances of a good outcome for her.

ResourcesAnimal Humane Society: Injured or Orphaned Ducks or GeeseCornell University: Basic Duck CareCritters360: Caring for a Disabled or Injured Duck

ReferencesFourth Crossing Wildlife: Short Term Care for DucksLiberty Wildlife: Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Injured WildlifeDuck Lover’s Adoptions: Duck and Goose First Aid

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sequestrato a pagani il bazar del falso


27 Mar

sequestrato a pagani il bazar del falso

Dagli artigiani alla Norton Crocker: bisogna fare un balzo indietro ai tempi della Grande Depressione per trovare le tracce di questa casa americana che realizzava dei grossi bicilindrici a V negli anni 30. Nel 2012 la nuova Crocker Motorcycle Company ha annunciato la rinascita con modelli d moderna e classica, fedeli agli originali, il cui costo raggiunge quote siderali per una moto: anche 112.000 euro. Perché sono fatte a mano si è giustificato il proprietario del marchio, Michael Schacht.

Il blitz è scattato sabato vicino alla stazione. Dopo una lunga attività investigativa i vigili hanno saputo che era in arrivo un carico di merce destinata alla distribuzione sul territorio livornese. L’appostamento ha confermato l’attendibilità delle informazioni. moncler giacca vendita

ILMeteo al fianco di AIRC: lo screening per il tumore del collo dell’utero seleziona provincia Bergamo (BG)Brescia (BS)Como (CO)Cremona (CR)Lecco (LC)Lodi (LO)Mantova (MN)Milano (MI)Monza e Brianza (MB)Pavia (PV)Sondrio (SO)Varese (VA)(AGI) Milano, 7 feb. Continua a correre la borsa milanese che archivia con un rialzo la prima settimana di febbraio, consolidando ulteriormente i progressi realizzati dall’inizio dell’anno. L’indice Ftse Mib segna un +1,25% a 20.760 punti, mentre l’All Share sale dell’1,47% a 22.092 punti.

Ma l’Fmi precisa che “l’esatto impatto” della mossa di Pechino “dipenderà da come il nuovo meccanismo è di fatto implementato”. L’istituzione guidata da Christine Lagarde spiega che “una maggiore flessibilità del tasso di cambio è importante per la Cina mentre cerca di dare alle forze del mercato un ruolo decisivo nell’economia e mentre si sta integrando rapidamente nei mercati finanziari globali”. Il 5 agosto scorso il Fondo aveva detto che la Cina deve fare di più per liberalizzare il suo sistema valutario affinché lo yuan possa conquistare lo status di valuta di riserva all’interno del basket di cui fanno parte dollaro americano, euro, sterlina e yen..

Moncler comunica che Roberto Eggs entra a far parte di Moncler, con l’incarico di Chief Operating Officer, a partire dal 1 Maggio 2015. Roberto Eggs riporterà direttamente al Presidente e Amministratore Delegato di Moncler, Remo Ruffini, e sarà responsabile di tutte le attività di business, a livello globale. Roberto Eggs proviene da Louis Vuitton dove, dal 2013, ha ricoperto l’incarico di President della Region Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, incarico assunto dopo aver gestito, dal 2009, prima la Regione Sud Europa e poi la Regione Nord Europa.

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10 Mar


The recent global cooling in Blenheim, South Carolina has our minds turning to a way to stay warm and enjoy a hot, spicy Blenheim Ginger Ale. A sip of Blenheim Old #3 is usually enough to fire up your sinuses, but these extra chilly winter nights have been causing us to think about adding a little flourish to our Good Ole Blenheim.

Vodka is one of the most popular liquors in the world. It is especially popular in the frigid climates of Russia and other northern European countries.  Vodka is made by fermenting such items as grain, rye, wheat, potatoes, or sugar beet molasses. Traditionally the finest Russian vodkas have been made with potatoes, but today most vodka is made from grain or wheat. Vodka shares a certain history with Blenheim Ginger Ale in that both were originally produced and utilized as medicines. Vodka is an excellent antiseptic, and promotes increased blood flow through the blood vessels. A few sips of vodka will instantly heat up the esophagus on the way down, and soon after your belly gets its own pleasantly warm glow the same way ginger-blasted Blenheim Old #3 makes you feel after a big gulp.

A great cocktail that contains vodka and Blenheim Ginger Ale is a Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule was invented in 1941 by John G. Martin of Heublein Brothers, a spirit and food distributor, and Jack Morgan who owned the Cock ‘n Bull Tavern on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. They created the Moscow Mule by mixing ginger beer with Smirnoff Vodka in order to increase the market for both ginger beer and Smirnoff vodka. Their drink is credited with causing a boom in vodka sales during the 1950’s, which had been dominated by gin as the American’s choice for white liquor. A Moscow Mule was traditionally served in a copper mug, although it’s rarely done today.

Here is our Moscow Mule Recipe using Blenheim Ginger Ale instead of ginger beer:


  • 1 1/4 oz Smirnoff vodka
  • 3 oz. Blenheim Ginger Ale
  • 1 tsp. sugar syrup-(equal parts water and sugar melted together)
  • 1/4 oz. lime juice
  • 1 sprig mint
  • 1 lime wedge

In a cocktail glass, pour vodka over crushed ice. Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with your favorite Blenheim Ginger Ale and stir. Garnish with mint sprig and lime wedge.

Of course, as with any alcoholic beverage, vodka should only be consumed in very moderate amounts. Always drink responsibly and savor the flavor; we want everyone around to enjoy Blenheim Ginger Ale for a very long time to come! (It’s O.K. to drink as much Blenheim Ginger Ale as you want)

Follow Blenheim Ginger Ale on Twitter with the tag @goodoleblenheim, and check our Official Facebook page for updates on ordering, availability and retail locations that carry Good Ole Blenheim Ginger Ale.

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