17 Oct

Su producto sigue la línea de Monavie, Xango, y otros que han desarrollado una mezcla de antioxidantes y frutas que ahora puede ser promocionado como un “súper jugo”. La lista de ingredientes se ve impresionante, y hay varias opiniones positivas alrededor del producto, y la propia empresa está dirigida por Asma Ishaq.

Su primer producto se llama Mezcla vida. Contiene Resverotrol, japoneses knotweed,Açai do Brasil mangostán, granada, acai, arándanos, uvas y fresas. El sitio web que sólo una porción de Jusuru contiene mayor cantidad de resveratrol como dos botellas de vino tinto (se supone que el resveratrol para ayudar a reducir los efectos del envejecimiento).

El reto con Jusuru es el giro de marketing. El producto se promociona a “venderse”. Esto es categóricamente falso. Si los productos se venden a sí mismos, entonces las empresas no necesitarían distribuidores independientes para vender la materia. Asimismo, las empresas no necesitarían equipos de ventas o los equipos de marketing para vender el producto.

Producto no venden a sí mismos que necesitan las personas venderlos. Y eso lleva a la segunda desafío: que no se vende al? La mayoría de las compañías de redes de venta recomiendan a sus amigos y familia, que funciona a corto plazo. A largo plazo, el distribuidor promedio necesita algunas habilidades adicionales para llegar a su mercado objetivo, y construir sistemas que se dirigen a las personas que ya están en busca de los productos y la oportunidad que ofrecen.

En resumen, el producto de Jusuru puede funcionar, pero el negocio no es tan fácil como registrarse y ver el dinero vienen a rodar en. Se requiere habilidad y el conocimiento de comercialización de bienes para tener éxito con cualquier oportunidad, y lo recomiendo encarecidamente la construcción de ese conjunto de habilidades.

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Report of National Commission on Labour


16 Oct

THE National Commission on Labour has made certain important and path breaking recommendations in the context of the review of labour laws. A few important points from the report are given below:

The Commission recommends a specific provision in the Trade Union Act to enable workers in the unorganised sector to form trade unions and register them. It has recommended a waiver of the condition of employer employee relationship and also of the 10 per cent membership in the establishment. Canada Goose online This is a path breaking recommendation that can pave the way for bringing into the fold of the labour movement 92 per cent of the workers in the unorganised sector.

The Commission has recommended using the check off system to determine the negotiating agent in an establishment. Moreover, by fixing 66 per cent membership for entitlement as negotiating agent, the panel has not favoured the principle of simple majority but has opted for two thirds majority. If the condition is not satisfied, a composite negotiating agent from among representatives of unions with support of more than 25 per cent has been recommended.

The Commission has recommended a three tier system of Lok Adalats, Labour Courts and the Labour Relation Commission. While the Lok Adalats and Labour Courts deal with individual grievances and complaints, the Labour Relations Commission has been empowered to deal with both individual problems and those of collective bargaining a settlement cannot be reached through bilateral negotiations. By imposing on the unions the condition of 10 per cent membership to represent labour in various fora, the Commission has eliminated the role of very small unions parading as genuine representatives of labour. The idea of establishing an All India Labour Judicial Service is welcome.

The Commission has guaranteed 8.33 per cent bonus for all employees when it states that every employer should pay each worker one month’s bonus before an appropriate festival. Any demand in excess of this up to a maximum of 20 per cent of the wages will be subject to negotiation.

The Commission has recommended that the present system of two wage ceilings for reckoning entitlement and for calculation of bonus should be suitably enhanced to Rs 7,500 and Rs 3,500 for entitlement and calculation respectively. It has presented the minimum and maximum limits for bonus and permitted freedom to negotiate.

The Commission’s categorical view that no exemption from labour laws should be allowed to export promotion zones or special economic zones is further evidence of its sincerity in implementing the laws.

However, certain recommendations are vague and require further debate and deliberation. It would be desirable to take up certain issues and clarify them:

The Commission has recommended that the Government may lay down a list of such highly paid jobs in the high wage islands, such as those of air pilots, who may be declared as non workers, or alternatively fix a cut off limit of remuneration, which is substantially high (such as Rs 25,000 per month), beyond which employees will not be treated as ordinary workers.

Fixing a cut off of Rs 25,000 can open a Pandora’s box because a very large number of supervisory and managerial personnel are drawing less than Rs 25,000 per month All these categories will put pressure on the Government to be included in the category of workers to get the benefit of labour laws.

The Commission has explicitly stated in its report: “A settlement entered into with a negotiating agent must be binding on all workers”. The intention is to bring an industrial dispute to a close, once the major representatives of workers agree on the negotiating table.

But the Commission does not make the agreement binding on management. It has been observed on several occasions that managements also violate agreements. It would, therefore, be appropriate if the recommendation had been reworded as under: “A settlement entered into with a recognised negotiating agent must be binding on all workers and on management as well.”

The Commission has recommended that the check off system should be limited to establishments employing 300 or more workers. This seems be inconsistent with the basic philosophy of the Commission to develop harmonious industrial relations. A break up of the proportion of workers employed in establishments employing less than 300 workers reveals that in the factory sector, of a total employment of 6.36 million workers in 1997 98, about 3.79 million (59.6 per cent) were in such establishments.

The Commission has, however, recommended a different mode for the negotiating agent in establishments of less than 300 persons. The Commission states: “Though the check off system will be preferred in the case of establishments employing less than 300 persons too, the mode of identifying the negotiating agent in these establishments may be determined by the LRCs.

The Commission is of the view that workers’ participation in management should be made applicable to all establishments employing 300 or more workers. This is welcome. But the question is: Why should establishments employing less than 300 workers be left out? If the functioning of an establishment and its productivity has to be enhanced, workers’ participation can in all cases be used as an effective instrument for the purpose.

Moreover, even with 100 to 300 workers, many establishments function as joint stock companies. If that is so, workers’ participation at various levels should be promoted.

The approach of the Commission to treat strikes and lockouts at par is basically unjustified. The Commission, however, recommends “that an illegal strike or illegal lockout should attract similar penalties. A worker who goes on an illegal strike should lose three days wages for every day of the strike, and the management must pay the worker wages equivalent to three days wages per day for the duration of an illegal lockout. The union which leads an illegal strike must be debarred from applying for registration for two or three years.”

The basic question is: What is the proportion of illegal strikes and illegal lockouts in the total man days lost in each category? There is every likelihood that the impact of illegal lockouts is much higher than that of illegal strikes. That being so, to recommend double punishment for labour, against single punishment for the employer, does not seem justified. The perfunctory manner in which the Commission has treated the phenomenon of lockouts is seen in the following statement:

“A review of industrial relations reveals that as against 402.1 million man days lost during the decade (1981 90 the pre reform period), the number of man days lost declined to 210 million during 1991 to 2000 (post reforms). But more man days have been lost in lockouts than in strikes.”

But for this bland statement, a deeper analysis of individual behaviour and social intensity of lockouts has not been made. Neither has an effort been made to identify the causes of this growing phenomenon. As against about 92 million man days lost in strikes during 1991 and 2000, lockouts accounted for 138.5 million man days lost. In relative terms, lockouts accounted for over 60 per cent, and strikes only 40 per cent, of the total man days lost in the 1990s.

The situation was alarming in 1999, when lockouts accounted for 76.2 man days lost per worker as against only 9.7 man days in strikes nearly eight times. In the face of these ground realities, the Commission should have outlined a more effective policy to curb the phenomenon of lockouts.

The Commission has noted that prior permission is not necessary in respect of lay offs and retrenchment of any employment size. Workers, however, are entitled to two months notice, or notice pay in lieu of notice, in case of retrenchment. The Commission recommends that the rate of retrenchment compensation should be higher in a running organisation than in a sick one.

Prescribing differential rates of compensation is good, and the revised rates have been recommended for establishments employing 300 or more persons. In establishments employing less than 100 persons, half the rates of compensation in the other category have been prescribed. However, the Commission has not prescribed any rates for establishments in the employment range 100 300. This shortcoming needs to be rectified.

The Commission states: Chapter VA of the law may be amended to provide for sixty days notice for both retrenchment or closure, or pay in lieu thereof, The provision for permission to close down an establishment employing 300 or more workers should be made a part of chapter VA, and chapter VB should be repealed.

In case of closure of such establishment employing 300 or more workers, the employer will make an application for permission to the appropriate Government 90 days before the intended closure and also serve a copy of the same on the recognised negotiating agent. If permission is not granted by the appropriate Government within 60 days of the receipt application, the permission will be deemed to have been granted.

The Labour Commission has facilitated the process of closure for establishments employing 300 or more persons. It has really permitted establishment employing less than 300 workers accounting for 60 per cent of the total labour employed in the manufacturing sector outside the purview of law. The real issue is: whether closure is used as a device for retrenchment. This, and the issue of what is genuine and bona fide closure have not been addressed.

The Report of the National Commission on Labour is, in parts, internally inconsistent. On providing protection to workers employed in small units employing less than 20 persons, it says: “No employer shall dispense with the services of an employee employed for not less than six months, except for a reasonable cause”. But this clause is removed in case of retrenchment of employees working in establishments employing up to 300 workers.

In other words, the cost of retrenchment and closure is to provide sixty days notice or pay in lieu thereof. This would leave near 60 per cent of labour force employed in industry at the mercy of a hire and fire’ policy with the changing structure of market demand. The question of proving reasonable cause’ does not arise. In this sense, the NCL report suffers from logical inconsistency.

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billige canada goose


28 Sep

ST. En Labrador advokat, der for nylig blev udnævnt et provinsielt dommer siger, at han er at træde ned fra udnævnelsen på grund af en forringet kørsel overbevisning for 20 år siden havde han helt glemt.

Spørgsmål omkring Donald Singleton udnævnelse til bænken opstod i sidste uge efter den provinsielle regering bekræftede han erkendte sig skyldig i to anklager om besiddelse under toldloven i 2005 efter en føderal sonde ind i salg og distribution af toldfrie varer til en militærbase i Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Men i en e-mail sendt sent søndag til Den canadiske Press, Singleton sagde han skrev Newfoundland og Labrador justitsminister Tom Marshall meddelte ham, at han trak sig ud af aftalen.

Singleton, 48, skrev, at han havde modtaget et opkald fredag ​​rådgive ham, at en journalist havde kontaktet den provinsielle domstol beder om hans straffeattest. En søgning blev gennemført, og reporteren fik at vide var der ingen post.

Men en efterfølgende søgning på et andet system afslørede en forringet kørsel overbevisning i slutningen af ​​1980’erne, skrev Singleton.

Jeg havde helt glemt det, og dermed ikke havde oplyst det i min ansøgning at være dommer, skrev han.

Jeg har ikke bevidst holde disse oplysninger tilbage. Jeg har altid været en vorter og alle slags fyr. Hvad du ser, er hvad du får. Men det var en hel anden levetid siden, før jeg mødte min kone og jeg havde virkelig glemt det.

Alligevel Singleton sagde åbenbaringen gjorde ham til at ændre sin mening om at acceptere udnævnelsen.

Selvom jeg virkelig glemme alt om forringet overbevisning, det ikke desto mindre på non videregivelse, skrev han.

Og jeg kunne ikke søge at få min udnævnelse opretholdes for frygt for, at det ville påvirke opfattelsen af ​​retsplejen. Offentlighedens opfattelse af det strafferetlige system er allerede lav (af grunde, som intet har at gøre med mig).

Nåede senere på hans advokatkontor, Singleton sagde han ikke kunne forklare, hvordan hans fortid overbevisning ikke ville slå op i løbet af behandlingen proces for bænken.

Måske forskellige retter holde forskellige systemer, måske forskellige retter registrerer tingene anderledes, sagde han.

Jeg ved det ikke. Jeg er ikke bruger af registreringer på provinsielle domstol. Jeg ville ikke være i stand til at fortælle dig.

Marshall bekræftede han modtog Singleton brev af fratræden søndag.

Han sagde, at han ikke var klar over Singleton er forringet kørsel overbevisning indtil provinsielle domstol Chief Judge Reg Reid talte med ham fredag, fortæller ham advokaten kan have haft en fortid overbevisning. Marshall sagde hans embedsmænd senere kontaktede Singleton, som bekræftede den overbevisning.

Academy of Performing Arts

Monash Academy Orchestra

Gustav Mahler mente, at skulle symfonien i hele verden musikalsk og følelsesmæssig verden i fjerde symfoni bevæger ubønhørligt mod uskyld, der kulminerede med en sopran solist synger en naiv munter hyldest til det lyksalige liv i himlen i den endelige bevægelse. Der er et overordnet enkelhed til dette arbejde, snøret hele med spændende lyrik. Mahlers inspiration til symfonien kom fra Das himmlische Leben (The Heavenly Life), en sang, han skrev i 1892 som en del af Des Knahen Wunderhorn (Youth Magic Horn).

Ravels Mother Goose Suite, oprindeligt skrevet som et klaver duet og senere orkestreret af komponisten, består af et sæt stykker inspireret af eventyr af Mother Goose. Det er udført sammen med verdenspremieren berømte australske pianist og komponist Tony Goulds Hyldest til Mahler for strygeorkester.

Afrikas Miracle Delta

Under skyfri himmel på den tørreste tid på Botswanas år, hvor regnen er både en fading hukommelse og en fjern løfte, en oversvømmelse kommer til Okavango Delta. Dannet med nedbør 500 miles (804.7 kilometer) og to lande væk i højlandet i Angola, flodbølgen slanger ned Okavango-floden og spreder sig på tværs deltaet, hævelse sine laguner og kanaler, og breder udad for at oversvømme sine flodsletter. I et land vissen af ​​tørke, denne gave af vand er ligesom salvelse, og hele naturen reagerer på det.

Miraklet sker i slowmotion, for denne del af det sydlige Afrika er så flad, at vandmasserne tage tre måneder at nå deltaet og fire mere til at krydse sine 150 mile (241,4 km) længde. Men med den tid, dens kraft er brugt, er oversvømmelse øget Okavango s vådområde af to eller tre gange, hvilket skaber en oase op til halvdelen af ​​størrelsen af ​​Lake Erie på kanten af ​​Kalahari-ørkenen.

Oversvømmelsen bevæger sig på flere fronter som kolonner af en hær. Jeg fangede op med det i et område, hvor P. J. Bestelink og hans kone, Barney, køre hest safari. P. J. havde sporet oversvømmelsen fremrykning til en græsklædt slette mellem to kanals systemer, Matsibe og Xudum. Vandet gled over varmen flimrende landskab som en sølv tunge. Op tæt det var farven på ginger ale, og det boblede som det sivede ind i de støvede lavninger og Runnels af jorden. Kun et par værfter tilbage fra spidsen, små fisk hvirvlede sammen i den nuværende af en gydende horde, der snart ville vende flodsletter til en fisk planteskole.

Bull elefanter kom fra syd, blokke af basalt bevæger sig gennem de tawny græsser. De belemret mod voksende bånd af vand, kufferter sned i et S, snuffing den søde eliksir. de tørstige dyr Stående på vandkanten, suget op trunkfuls og flød det i munden, breder knapt en dråbe.

Som det siver manglende oversvømmelsesområder gennemblødt ind i stråtag af tørre græs stilke, det udløste en opvågnen af ​​frøer, der var blevet i dvale i de tørre forhold. De begyndte straks at kalde, nogle med høje geigertæller klik, andre bjældeklang ligesom glas klokker. P. J. sagde, at maller også kan overleve en midlertidig tør spell begrave sig i mudder. Han vidste et sted, hvor dette skete, en stor flad skål, som ofte tørres op i ugerne før syndfloden ankomst. Vi kørte til en nærliggende jagt lejr og gik på tværs af en sol crisped stubbe af græs og siv mod midten af ​​panden. De brudte skaller af akvatiske snegle lå blegning på jorden. Openbill storke havde åbenbart spist godt her som vandet i gryden fordampet.

Vi er for sent, siger P. J., da vi nåede midten af ​​gryden. Mudderet var tørret op og var fyldt med havkat skeletter. Nogle af disse fisk ville have vejet 20 pounds (9,1 kilogams). Marabou stork, kendt som bedemanden fugle, plukket blandt knoglerne for rester af det var mindre end en sømil væk og snart ville forvandle dette sted i en bred lagune, men det havde ikke ankom i tide til at redde havkat fra døden ved dehydrering. Deres stumpe kranier, Eyeless og udtørrede, understregede den centrale sandhed af deltaet: Vand er liv.

Fra rummet Okavango Delta ligner fodaftryk af en fugl. Vand strømmer ind i systemet gennem benet, kaldet Panhandle, en stribe land 60 miles (96,6 kilometer) lange og 9 miles (14,5 kilometer) bred langs hvilken Okavango-floden bugter sig i dovne sløjfer. Fremad peger tæerne dem vand gennem deltaet og i sidste ende ind i sand på Kalahari. Jeg satte sig for at følge denne rejse af vand i flod og ebbe, over vand og derunder, fra kilde til sand.

Delta dybeste, mest forskelligartede undersøiske levesteder ligger i Panhandle. De oversvømmelse toppe her i april hæve niveauet for Okavango-floden ved seks fod (1,8 meter). I maj niveauet er begyndt at falde. Sediment bæres på flodbølgen har lagt sig, og vandet i Ncamasere kanal, en udløber af den vigtigste flod midt ned Panhandle, bliver ren og klar.

Og dødbringende. Vandet i deltaet er fulde af krokodiller. De Bayei folk, en af ​​flere Okavango stammer, siger lige så meget i et digt de underviser deres børn: Jeg er floden Min overflade giver dig liv Nedenfor er død… For fotograf David Doubilet og mig, går under overfladen var en vigtig del af vores arbejde. Vi ønskede at se delta så få havde vovet at se det, før croc øje visning. Folk i forbifarten bådene, mærke vores våddragter og scuba gear, tøvede ikke med at give deres mening om croc watching: De bankede deres templer, som om at sige, du er ude af jeres sind. Måske var vi, men det var vinter, og vi ræsonnerede, at fordi krokodiller er krybdyr, ville deres stofskifte være træg. Torpidity var bestemt til at blive håbet på i en 15 fods (4,6 meter) krybdyr med tænder så store som tommelfingre.

De større krokodiller brugt meget af dagen soler sig på flodbredden i godt brugte distancer outs, som regel med slisker ned som de gled i vandet, hvis forstyrret. Nogle lå med munden åben, en opførsel, når fancifully tænkt at tillade en renere fugl at plukke kødet fra mellem deres tænder, men nu betragtes som en hjælp til at regulere kropstemperaturen og en måde at slappe kæbemusklerne. I den kølige af natten kom de warmthloving crocs til livet for jagten, flyder på vandkanten. Deres øjne lyste blod rød i vores søgelys, da vi sejlede op kanalen.

Selvom Nile krokodiller er en af ​​kun en håndfuld af rovdyr, der aktivt jage mennesker, jeg regnede med, at hvis jeg indledte et møde, således at benægte dyret sin fordel af overraskelse, ville jeg beholde den øverste hånd. Og så en nat jeg gled ned i vandet for at observere en seks fod (1,8 meter) croc, der havde oversvømmet som vores båd nærmede sig. Trække mig gennem et virvar af åkander, nåede jeg en position direkte over krokodille, så dykkede ned for at se nærmere.

Storslået! Den levende sort på Fawn aftegninger; de to linjer af oprakte scutes på bagsiden, fusionerende ind i den savtakkede køl af halen, takkede som en ripsaw; de smukt skimmeldannelse iris i unblinking øjne; tænder som en hvid lynlås. Jeg var mindre end to fod (0,6 meter) fra dyret, og min nervesystem var fyldt med adrenalin i øjeblikket.

Krokodillen flyttet. Jeg fulgte det gennem den undersøiske løv, spiller min lommelygte stråle på sin squat, muskuløse ben. Så med en le af sin hale, det drønede væk i dybet.

Krokodiller er delta mest frygtede akvatiske rovdyr, men lokale siger, at flodheste forårsager flere dødsfald og skader. Uheld møder i smalle kanaler er ofte den udløsende faktor for et angreb. Flodheste kan bide en kano i halvdel med et snap af deres kæber, og deres tænder kan punktere en aluminium båd, som om det var en øl dåse. De to ton (1,8 ton) vegetarer er ikke slowpokes, enten. Guy Lobjoit, en Okavango fiskeguide, fortalte mig, han havde engang en flodhest holde med ham, mens han gør næsten 20 miles (32,2 kilometer) i timen i sin runabout. Båden blev høvle, og denne ting var skubbe op en bue bølge lige ved siden af ​​mig, sagde han. Gav min ticker lidt af en vibration.

Folk har levet med de farer og dusør af deltaet i mindst 100.000 år. Den sæsonmæssige flodslette, gjorden mellem delta over tæerne, er en rig del af Okavango spisekammer. Her manglende oversvømmelsesområder danner en sø seks inches til en fod dyb, oversået med utallige øer. Vandet bringer en flush af plantevækst, som igen tiltrækker dyreliv i disse frugtbar, solen varmede lavvandede. De lokale folk gøre god brug af molapo, da flodslette kaldes. Under oversvømmelsen de fisker, og i den tørre sæson, de græsser kvæg. Hele året rundt de høste frugterne, klippe tækning græs og siv, og jage spil på disse produktive jorder.

Hos Guma, nær toppen af ​​deltaet, en Bayei mand blot kendt som Madala, gamle, og en ung fiskeguide kaldet fisk tog mig ind i molapo under regntiden at vise mig noget af deres måde at leve på.

Vi rejste med mokoro eller udskiftningsbænken Kano, den allestedsnærværende transportform i deltaet. Mokoro at Fish polede blev foretaget fra kiaat, en teak ligesom træ, med metal patches dækker revner han kaldte sine sår. Madala Kano var glasfiber. Han forklarede, at de nye syntetiske kanoer er mere stabile end de traditionelle træ dem. Mere holdbar også som træer egnet til mokoro making er en begrænset ressource i deltaet.

Poling er en hypnotisk smuk måde at rejse. Hver linjer i træ pole flyttede mokoro gennem senge af tagrør og siv, der susede mod skroget. Græshopper sprang ind i kano og derefter sprang tilbage ud igen. Jeg slæbte mine fingre i det varme vand og studerede mikrokosmos af vand striders, backswimmers, Whirligig biller og frøer ikke større end en fingernegl. Fugle kaldes jacanas eller lilytrotters, plukket deres vej tværs områderne åkander, dyppe de flydende puder under overfladen med hver langside tåede trin. Den tågehorn fnys af en flodhest advarede os at undgå sin kanal. En besætning med rød lechwe, en art af antilope med lange hove tilpasset til sump rejser, sprøjtede væk på fuld galop, da vi kom til syne.

Som vi stak sammen, stopper her og der på skovklædte øer, ville Fish pege på forskellige planter og beskrive deres egenskaber. Roden af ​​stjerne æble gør en fremragende tandbørste; barken af ​​regnen træ kan slibes op og smidt i vandet for at lamme fisk tygget segl bush blade er gode til behandling af slangebid. Madala skære en høj papyrus stilk og bankede den kødfulde hvid base mod hans håndflade for at blødgøre det, inden du afleverer det til mig at spise. Det var sød, fibrøst, og forfriskende, der minder om frisk kokos. Han gav mig den gummiagtige marv af dunhammer at prøve tyggegummi, kaldes det trukket op åkande frugt til madlavning senere.

Vi slog lejr under grenene af et Morbær-Figen. Mens Madala sat sit net i en lagune tyk med åkander, Fisk vadede ind i flodslette at spear små fisk med et hulepindsvin fjerpen. Det er en teknik, små drenge lærer, sammen med sådanne tricks som at stikke en torn i en gift æble at gøre en snurretop. Jeg klatrede en baobab træ for at hente sine maraca formede frugter indeholder en hvid pulp, der erstatter godt for cremen af

tandsten. Madala blandede den med vand for at lave en tangy sauce.

Den nat vi rullede kugler af majsmel grød med fingrene og dyppet dem i en gryde med friskfanget brasen, åkande frugt, og hjertet af palm. I firelight fortalte Madala historier om Bayei folk: Hvordan, for eksempel, vil de ikke spiser krokodille kød, fordi krokodiller spiser mennesker. For at holde myggene på afstand, fisk tændte en fodbold størrelse klump elefant gødning, der røget aromatically i timevis.

Vi hørte løver i det fjerne, og jeg tænkte på Laurens van der Post bemærkning om, at løvens brøl er at lukke munden, hvad stjerneskud er til den mørke om natten. Frøen kor steg og faldt (selvom effekten var forkælet lidt af en gruppe af franske turister på en nærliggende ø sang Fr Jacques på toppen af ​​deres stemmer). Andre end tilstedeværelsen af ​​et par turister en karton lang levetid mælk til vores te mistanke, at lidt i denne scene havde ændret sig siden de første europæiske opdagelsesrejsende besøgte Okavango over 150 år siden.

En ting, der har ændret sig fortsætter med at ændre stien vandet udøver gennem deltaet. Da David Livingstone fik sin første rejse til regionen, i 1849, meget af den var nede den vestlige kanalsystem og ind i Lake Ngami fine udseende ark af vand, ifølge Livingstone. I 1880’erne vandstrømmen, reagerer på en række subtile landskab signaler, begyndte at favorisere de østlige kanaler. Den træge vestlige kanal blev kvalt med vegetation, og Lake Ngami tørret op. De Batawana folk, Botswanas dominerende stamme, fulgte vand, flytte deres vigtigste løsning på en frodig site på delta sydlige kant. De kaldte stedet Maun, sted af siv. I dag Maun er en by med 45.000, med knap en reed skal findes. Vandflow synes at bevæge sig vestpå gang mere, og oversvømmelser, som følger en naturlig cyklus af højere og lavere mængder, er mindsket i størrelse. Resultatet er, at Maun porten til delta vandmangel. Stedet af siv er blevet et sted af støv.

Ikke overraskende, når den årlige oversvømmelse gør nå Maun (selvom der ikke er nogen garanti for, at det vil), hele byen fejrer. På et åndedrag mindre dag, juli himmel æggeskallen blå Botswana flag, luften fuld af lugten af ​​vilde salvie overvågede som oversvømmelsen krøb ned den brede, tørre seng af floden, der løber gennem byen. Børn gravet rasende med pinde i sandet for at tilskynde sive til at køre hurtigere. Nogle sprang frem og tilbage over den stadigt voksende strøm, griner af glæde. Andre bare lade det køre over deres nøgne fødder, ser på det, som om det var første gang, de havde set vand. Vandet kommer, Jeg hørte en far forklare sin datter. Fiskene kommer. De åkander kommer. Livet kommer.

På en bred af floden, bag en kvist hegn, der ikke ser ud som om det kunne holde ud en ged, endsige en ko eller en flodhest, en mand, der fortalte mig, at hans navn var Flay Million Dube gik rundt hans køkkenhave. Med et smil så bredt som strå hat, der skyggede hans øjne, fortalte han mig, jeg ikke arbejder i dag, fordi jeg er så glad. Han havde lige været ned til floden for at vaske sit ansigt og hænder i det nye vand, sagde han. I morgen ville han sætte frisk, kølig mudder omkring hans senge af spinat, broccoli, og konger løg. Måske ville han vinde en præmie i gartneri show. Vandet var sent, sagde han, men det var kommet, og det var alt der betød noget.

I et stråtag overdækket bar et par hundrede værfter opstrøms, Maunites der havde fordrevet fra byen nippede sundowners og ristet oversvømmelsen ankomst. Den engelske diskutere vejret, vi diskuterer vandet, en fortalt mig. Før det kommer, drikker vi øl og taler om, når det ankommer. Når det er her, vi drikker øl og taler om, hvor meget er kommet. Når det er gået, vi bare drikke øl og føler sig trist.

I oktober tidspunktet for sorg er kommet. Oversvømmelsen er forsvundet, ti milliarder tons vand suget op i atmosfæren hvorfra den kom. Folk kaster tørstige blikke på himlen, hvor skulende tordenskyer bygge i eftermiddage, men om sommeren regnskyl er stadig to måneder væk. De flodsletter tørre ud, og vandstanden i kanalerne og laguner falde til deres laveste niveau.

Som deltaet skrumper, livet retreats. Små fisk født i flodsletter når vandet blev højt trække sig tilbage til de permanente kanaler, og denne tilstrømning af kød udløser en Okavango fænomen: Havkat løb. Sharp tandede havkat, lokalt kaldet skægtråde, krigsstien op kanalerne i en støjende, pre avl snack fest. De thwack papyrus stilke med deres haler til at skylle bytte fisk ud for at skjule slurk luft fra overfladen med en eksplosiv poppende lyd. Deres bugtet organer kværne vandet i en tyk brun suppe.

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28 Sep

Pour de nombreuses personnes, ayant un sommeil de bonne nuit peut rester insaisissable. Les causes de la difficulté à se endormir pourraient varier de soucis liés au travail, le stress, dormir dans l’après-midi, la consommation d’un repas lourd, au décalage horaire. Quelle que soit la cause peut-être, tournait et se retournait dans son lit, en essayant de tomber endormi est très très frustrant. Il vous laisse fatigué et de mauvaise humeur le matin et affecte vos activités de routine normales. Si cela devient un modèle, vous pourriez souffrir d’insomnie. Les personnes souffrant d’insomnie ont besoin d’aide professionnelle, et il ne peut pas être simplement guéri en prenant sur le comptoir somnifères.

Plus efficace Over the Counter Sleep Aid

Tout médicament ou d’un médicament qui ne nécessite pas une prescription pour être achetés auprès d’un pharmacien ou un magasin de drogue est connu comme la médecine ‘over the counter’. Ce sont principalement des médicaments génériques qui ne possèdent pas une dose forte pour être nocif en cas d’ingestion. Tout type de somnifères et de médicaments du sommeil ne sont efficaces que lorsqu’ils sont utilisés avec parcimonie. Plus vous les utilisez, moins efficaces, ils ont tendance à être, en particulier pour les personnes âgées.

Le millepertuis

Avant d’essayer les drogues chimiques pour endormir, un remède à base de plantes de temps testé doit être envisagée. St. John Wort est une plante vivace qui est utilisé pour la dépression et traitement de l’anxiété. Il contribue également à traiter les troubles du sommeil, des cas particulièrement doux.veste moncler pas cher Il est disponible sous forme de pilule concentrée et est l’un des meilleurs remèdes à base de plantes pour l’insomnie. Certains des effets secondaires de la prise de millepertuis est une sensibilité accrue au soleil qui pourrait provoquer des coups de soleil. De loin, l’efficacité de cette aide au sommeil naturel dépasse de loin les effets secondaires.

Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM est en fait un médicament de soulagement de la douleur légère qui agit également comme une aide au sommeil. Acétaminophène et diphenhydramine sont les ingrédients actifs dans Tylenol PM, qui sont en fait des antihistaminiques très communs qui se trouvent dans la douleur et médicaments contre le rhume. Il est une aide raisonnablement efficace du sommeil, mais seulement lorsqu’il est utilisé pour la courte durée de temps. Il ne conduit pas à la dépendance aux drogues, mais ne fonctionnera pas si vous abusez du médicament. Il contient de la mélatonine qui est une substance qui est produite dans la glande pinéale de l’homme, qui est situé au centre du cerveau. Il est responsable du maintien du rythme circadien dans le corps, qui régule notre horloge interne du corps. Mélatonine sécrétée par les glandes pinéale est déterminée par la quantité de lumière qui entre en contact avec nos yeux. Le niveau de mélatonine diminue en raison de stress et d’anxiété, de nous faire sans sommeil. Lorsque la mélatonine est prise par une personne dans une forme de pilule, il réduit l’anxiété, provoque la somnolence, et détend les muscles, ce qui favorise le sommeil.

Avant de prendre ces médicaments, il est conseillé d’utiliser d’abord des méthodes naturelles pour endormir comme prendre un bain chaud, boire du lait avant de se coucher, etc. Les effets secondaires de ces pilules devraient également être prises en considération. Certains de ces médicaments ne doivent pas être pris par les femmes enceintes et par les personnes qui prennent des médicaments pour la dépression et la migraine.

BlackRock continuera à assurer dans un marché baissier

DSR Stats5 rapide YearGrowth: 18,71%

BlackRock est le plus grand gestionnaire d’actifs au monde avec plus de 4 milliards de dollars en actifs sous gestion (AUM), opérant dans 41 pays avec plus de 1 milliard de chacun des actifs à gérer et à servir les clients dans plus de 100 pays. BlackRock sert tous les types de clients (de détail à ses 4000 clients institutionnels et les gestionnaires de régimes de retraite) grâce à sa large gamme de produits (de fonds communs de placement à ETF).

Cliquez pour agrandir

Source: BLK 2014 Rapport annuel

meilleur mouvement de la société était certainement d’acheter la série iShares de Barclays Global Investors en 2009.

La société a également développé sa propre plate-forme d’analyse des risques appelé Aladdin. Aladdin contribue à faciliter la prise de décisions, la gestion plus efficace des risques et de négociation plus efficaces pour le compte des clients de gestion d’actifs de BlackRock. Ceci est principalement dû à son modèle d’affaires où la majeure partie de son chiffre d’affaires provient des taxes perçues sur ses actifs sous gestion (AUM). Comme il grandit, donc faire les frais, donc les recettes de l’entreprise.

Depuis que la société propose divers produits de placement, il peut servir les investisseurs quand ils sont avides avec plus de titres liés produits ou quand ils ont peur et veulent acheter plus de revenu fixe. Ceci est la raison pour laquelle les entrées nettes actuelles de fonds ont continué à venir au cours de 2015.

Comment BLK tarifs vs Mes 7 principes de l’investissement

Nous avons tous nos méthodes d’analyse d’une entreprise. Au cours des années de négociation, je suis passé par plusieurs méthodes de recherche d’actions provenant de diverses sources. Voilà comment je suis venu avec mes 7 principes d’investissement de dividendes investissement. Jetons un coup d’oeil de plus près à eux.

Meilleures modistes Hat

Haute Couture HatsIt est une fois dans un voyage à vie pour voir le Kentucky Derby et vous avez besoin d’un chapeau. Votre cousin anglais vous a invité à Ascot. Cela ne veut pas le temps d’acheter quelque chose de pas cher à partir d’un magasin de la zone. Vous pouvez penser que vous avez une bonne affaire et il semble bien, mais il ne fonctionne pas. Vous avez besoin d’une modiste, un bon. Si vous avez un grand chapeau, il peut être porté à nouveau avec une autre tenue. Un bon modiste peut vous aider à trouver un grand morceau de départ. Vous pouvez vous retrouver amasser toute une collection au fil du temps. Un chapeau est l’un des rares éléments de couture Haute abordable, vous pouvez toujours obtenir aujourd’hui. Saviez-vous que Coco Chanel a fait ses débuts la conception chapeaus? Ils sont une œuvre d’art; ils peuvent être affichés même après l’événement est terminé.

Milliner CitiesObviously, le premier endroit pour commencer serait dans le Kentucky, la maison du Derby Hat. Ces chapeaux comportent, en général, un bord plus large.

Il y a d’autres domaines qui portent encore des chapeaux dimanche, le Sud. Vous voulez regarder pour les vieux, les villes portuaires du Sud; ces villes étaient autrefois les faiseurs de mode pour toute la nation comme ils étaient les meilleurs ports dans le milieu des années 1800. Certaines choses ne changent jamais. Mesdames de cette région sont connus pour leur sens classique du style avec élégance ajouté. Certaines de ces villes sont Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, La Nouvelle-Orléans, Atlanta et Mobile.

Enfin, New York City est l’endroit où modistes trek pour trouver leurs approvisionnements en diminution. Il y a plusieurs endroits où aller ici.

MillinersThe Favorite suivantes sont modistes que j’ai personnellement utilisé et que je suis familier avec. Bien sûr, il y a beaucoup d’autres que je ne peux pas être familier. Une chose à considérer comme wellwhat est votre style de chapeau? Certains sont aujourd’hui très blingy et non pas ma tasse de thé. Si vous cherchez quelque chose de classique qui coordonne parfaitement avec votre tenue, ne cherchez pas plus loin.

Polly Singer (Lexington, Kentucky) Polly a été présenté dans de nombreux magazines. J’aime vraiment le look classique de ses chapeaux et elle a une belle hatbox. Si vous avez besoin d’un chapeau plus grand (si vous êtes plus grand ou une plus grande taille de vêtements, vous aurez besoin d’un chapeau plus large), elle peut le faire pour vous et il sera plus raisonnable. Elle est très sensible à longue commande à distance. Je serais probablement commander de son plus si elle était plus proche de ma ville que je l’aime vraiment tous ses chapeaux.

Christine A. Moore (New York, New York) Elle est vendue dans les boutiques à travers le pays, ainsi que plusieurs sites en ligne. J’aime le prix que vous pouvez obtenir un assez grand bord pour moins de 300 $. De plus, elle ajoute de grandes, cousues, des arcs de soie aux chapeaux, qui est un style que j’aime ça donne un look cher luxuriante.

Fleur de Paris (La Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiane) Cette jolie boutique dans le quartier français est connu pour ses boîtes à chapeaux fabuleux en rose et noir. C’est mon préféré. La modiste, Kimberly Benn, travaillera avec vous pour créer un chapeau de coutume, mais il est facile de trouver une belle confection que vous allez aimer. Il est très cher, mais, en raison du ruban cru qu’ils utilisent. Les grands chapeaux sont de 1000 $; petits chapeaux sont de 500 $ gamme bien que je l’ai vu quelques-uns dans la gamme de 300 $. Ne pas avoir peur de dire Kimberly vous avez besoin d’une alternative moins coûteuse. Ils ont aussi des vêtements à la recherche vintage. Prenez rendez-vous avec des amis et aller champagne shopping.

Yvonne LeFleur (Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiane) Yvonne et sa fille précieuse sont belles dames qui vont travailler sans relâche avec vous pour trouver votre ensemble parfait. Ils ont aussi de belles options de draperie de soie, aussi. Les prix sont moins chers, autour de 300 $ à 500 $ pour les très grands chapeaux. Être un descendant des Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans, sa boutique est comme marcher dans un à Paris. Elle a créé son propre parfum, aussi. Ce serait un grand souvenir de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

Jessica Prix (Mobile, Alabama) Ses fascinators sont divins et je suis vraiment intéressé de voir où sa carrière va comme elle est assez nouveau pour la scène. Il y a plusieurs vidéos sur YouTube en plus de ce que je montre ici.

Raccourci Pour plages de Floride Grâce à Mobile AL I 65 VIA I 165 Connecteur

Mobile est une ancienne colonie de la France, nichée à mi-chemin le long de la côte du golfe. Il est la 3ème plus grande ville de l’État, ainsi que le 9e plus grand port aux Etats-Unis. Où devriez-vous vivre, travailler et jouer?

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27 Sep

While Americans and Europeans bemoan the cost of gasoline at the pumps, people in some other parts of the world enjoy filling up their tanks cheaply thanks to subsidies provided by wealthy, oil rich governments. But fuel subsidies tend to benefit the rich (who own motor vehicles) more than the poor. The IMF estimated that 65 percent of the fuel subsidies in Africa benefit the richest 40 percent of households (2010). Only 8 percent of the $410 billion in government fuel subsidies worldwide went to the poorest 20 percent of the population (International Energy Agency estimates, 2010).

wholesale jerseys from china The British insurance firm Staveley Head has released the latest list of the world’s gas pump prices. Here are the 10 cheapest countries on Earth to fill a gas tank.

With elections looming in October 2012, President Hugo Chvez knows that raising gasoline and diesel prices would be a risky move politically. His presidency is already threatened by his deteriorating health, providing a unique opportunity for the opposition’s candidate, the telegenic Henrique Capriles Radonski, to replace the ailing leader. The last time the government attempted to raise gasoline prices in 1989,l riots ensued, and hundreds of people died. Venezuelans are likely to continue paying less for fuel than bottled water for years to come.

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29 May

Mr. He, along with Rosetta Stone CEO Tom Adams, made some of the most inflammatory and factually debased statements I ever heard made in Congress. Both men were testifying at a hearing entitled Websites Dedicated to Stealing American Intellectual Property. The hearing was called by the Judiciary Committee as part of its consideration of the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act or In this blog post, I explore the amazing claims and logical fallacies made at this hearing. In a subsequent post, I explore how the Internet infrastructure industry and intellectual property industries can work together, rather than against each other, to address intellectual property infringement.

The title of the hearing indicates the viewpoint of Committee Chairman Senator Leahy. Indeed, during his questioning, he asked each of the participants to answer or (and only or whether they favored intellectual property infringement. This question was reminiscent of the question, cigarettes cause cancer?cheapjerseysfreeshipping addressed to the CEOs of tobacco companies. Like that hearing, and not surprisingly, none of the witnesses said that they favored intellectual property infringement.

While just about everyone who participates in the Internet infrastructure, and, honestly, most everyone generally agrees that infringing intellectual property is wrong, Congress, the courts and business have consistently struggled to create a fair, open and honest method of balancing the rights of intellectual property owners with intellectual property laws that are not easily adopted to the Internet. This struggle, however, is not unique to intellectual property. Certainly, the criminal justice and investigatory communities have had similar, if not greater, struggles adapting their processes to the businesses created by the Internet. What is different, and almost exclusive to the intellectual property issue, is the level of rhetoric associated with the struggle. This hearing did nothing to bring rationality to this debate.

It is undeniable that intellectual property infringement is facilitated by the Internet, but so are the businesses of intellectual property owners. What is missing from the debate about how to address this issue is a sense of a common mission between owners of intellectual property and infrastructure providers. The inability of intellectual property owners to apply rational thought to remedies they propose to address this issue was evident in the hearing.

The CEO of Rosetta Stone was typical of this lack of rationality. During his testimony, and in subsequent questioning by members of the committee, he used every opportunity to vilify the search engine industry, and, in particular, Google. While completely obscured by his rhetoric, his major point was that Google makes money selling Rosetta Stone trademarks as key words to entities who sell infringing products. Therefore, it is just as culpable in infringement as the actual infringers. This controversial aspect of Google business has been the subject of frequent litigation, including, conveniently, by Rosetta Stone.

His solution, in essence, is to put Google out of business by either prohibiting Google from selling trademarks as adwords, or requiring Google to manually screen adwords to determine if they violate intellectual property rights. This contains a simple, but fatal, legal flaw: trademark law is not black and white. Google would then be put in the position of becoming the arbiter of who owns which trademark, and what constitutes fair use.

While Adams testimony was inflammatory, Mr. Turow was so debased from fact that it was difficult to assess the credibility of his arguments.

Mr. This is simply wrong. The safe harbor provision of the DMCA doesn provide any protection for companies who fail to follow its procedures. So, if Mr. Turow sends a proper DMCA notice, and a company fails to take down a site containing a plagiarized copy of Mr. Turow latest book, there is no safe harbor. It really that easy. If a host fails to comply, Mr.

So, if the DMCA doesn work for Mr. Mr. courts. court system would be the forum for all these disputes.

The impractical nature of this request would generally make it easy to discount, if it wasn for the fact that Senators Leahy, Coburn and Blumenthal seemed to agree. It is my opinion that the fundamental Constitutional principal that the accused have the right to confront their accusers should not sacrificed in the name of any principal, no matter how noble. should not become the sole arbiter of what is right on the Internet. and almost every country has a commonality of interest in creating an Internet that is not only reliable and predictable, but also one in which national interests are respected. view of intellectual property rights is valid, so is the Brazilian. to cram this viewpoint down the throats of other cultures is doomed to failure. has successfully used its economic hegemony to fundamentally change another country fundamental legal policies.

So what will work? Three things. First, all participants in this debate need to stop pointing their fingers at the each other. Second, the participants need to respect, and take advantage of, laws, regulations and corporate policies that currently exist. Finally, there should be legislation in this area to create a climate of certainty for infrastructure providers and intellectual property owners. I discuss my ideas for this in the next post.

Web Host Industry Review

This article from the Washington Post essentially sums up the issue: companies seem to have run out of people for their ads, so they images from sources like Flickr and personal blogs. Indeed, in Fox case, not only did they borrow the image, they altered it to fit their commercial needs.

So what do I make of this? First, it reinforces my impression that the Internet Intellectual Property debate (if there still is such a thing) continues to favor Big Intellectual Property. As evidence of this point, you really need go no further than the fact that spokesmen for Fox, Virgin Mobile and Microsoft were all for comment. Hmm. If any of those companies were truly remorseful, I suspect they may have made a spokesman available to the Post. Clearly, when Fox steals an image from a blog, it not a big deal. However when you download the new season of Fox 24, the FBI needs to be

Let me make one thing clear: I don believe that Intellectual property infringement is acceptable for any reason. However, my day to day experience with this issue leads me to believe that Big IP feels that there are no limits to their power. Not a week goes by when, in my capacity as DMCA agent for some of my clients, a DMCA notice is withdrawn because someone from Big IP shot first, and asked questions later. It the site owner whose site goes down for a couple of days while they try to straighten the dispute out with the IP owner, or their representatives, who, in many cases, have zero interest in moving quickly.

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29 Mar

COLUMBUS >> Pilloried by negative attacks and lagging in funding and some polls, former Democratic Gov. Sen. Rob Portman.

The multimillion dollar ad buy is airing in markets across Ohio. The 60 second spot focuses on Strickland hardscrabble childhood in Appalachian Ohio, his blue collar roots and the campaign working class focus.

up his family lost a house in a flood, and a second to a fire, an announcer says. Strickland learned early in life what one bad break, what one missed paycheck can do to a family.

The ads skirt his four years as governor, a target of anti Strickland ads in the millions of dollars.Cheap Jerseys free shipping Leading the state during a national recession, Strickland presided over deep budget cuts and about 350,000 job losses.

Anti Portman ads also are filling Ohio airwaves in one of 2016 most expensive election contests. Those are mostly funded by outside groups allied with Strickland.

Michawn Rich, a campaign spokeswoman for Portman, called it desperate move by the Strickland campaign to jump ahead of its previously announced ad schedule, noting the timing follows his loss of several key union endorsements to Portman.

a brutal month of lost union endorsements and criticism from their own party, the Strickland campaign is panicking and spending money they don have on a 60 second biographical ad that conveniently fails to mention Ted disastrous time as governor, she said.

Portman is one of the best funded Senate campaigns in the nation, with $13.2 million in the bank at the end of June, compared to Strickland $3.8 million.

tech lasers to ultraluxury vehicles

Antoine Dominic was set to ease into early retirement in 2008 after selling the high tech laser company he had run for several years and making a fortune on the stock he owned.

Dominic, a native of Sri Lanka, stayed on as a consultant and indulged his passion for collecting and driving ultraluxury sedans and exotic sports cars.

But fate took him in a new direction. Within a couple of years, the owners of ailing Champion Motor Group, a luxury brand retailer on New York’s Long Island asked if he was interested in buying its Bentley store.

“They were trying to salvage the company, and I was probably one of their largest customers,” he said.

Dominic did buy Bentley Long Island in March 2010 and leased the same building used by Champion, which declared bankruptcy and lost its Lambo franchise.

In 2011, he bought a Rolls Royce dealership and moved that operation into the building. Last year, he added an open Lamborghini point at the Jericho site. The new Lamborghini showroom opened in January and is the largest Lambo store in North America, said Michael Lock, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America in Herndon, Va.

Dominic, 51, is anything but retired, but it’s not a problem.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store,” he said.

Dominic operates the three stores as Bespoke Motor Group. Each has its own showroom and entrance, and there are accessory boutiques and configurators for customers to personalize their cars. The showrooms share a lounge area, eight seat theater and the service area in the rear.

“We want customers to use our facilities as a meeting and networking point,” Dominic said. “We do functions and networking for our customers,” he said.

Bespoke Motor Group is expected to sell about 300 new cars this year, up from 175 in 2012. The cheapest is the 2013 Bentley Continental GT, with a base price of $176,725. The most expensive is the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 4 Roadster at $445,300. The prices include shipping.

Dominic had to persuade high end manufacturers to appoint him as a dealer. Lamborghini reviewed his application for a year, but the Lambo store opened in January.

Dominic knew his way around such hardware before becoming a dealer. His personal stable includes a Maserati MC12, a Porsche Carrera GT and “a few Lamborghinis,” as well as his daily drivers several Bentleys and Rolls Royces. He used to own Ferraris including an Enzo, an F50 and an F40 but sold them when he became a Lamborghini dealer “out of loyalty.”

But moving from collector to retailer was a culture shock. “If you don’t have the next best thing, you will be left out. Here it is a different type of pressure. I do not design the product, but we have to sell it.”

Dominic came to the United States to study at Radford University in Radford, Va., where he earned a degree in accounting and later an MBA. He’s also a certified public accountant.

After school, Dominic joined CompuDyne Corp., a maker of security systems in Annapolis, Md. He rose through the ranks to become CFO. He became the company’s CEO in 2000, engineered a recovery and sold it in 2008.

“Of course I had shares in the company,” he said. “I was contemplating winding down, going into semi retirement.”

Dominic thought he could remain semi retired, even after buying the Bentley store, but he soon discovered otherwise. His new employees, many hired from the defunct Champion stores, all had experience in auto retailing. But Dominic said the dealership needed a dose of financial discipline.

He also had to persuade manufacturers to appoint him as a dealer for their high end franchises. In particular, Rolls Royce’s North American management in New Jersey was skeptical, until Dominic began pointing out similarities between the company he had run and car dealerships.

“I was used to working with small margins,” he said, “and a lot what we did was Internet based.”

Dominic’s application for a Lamborghini franchise was under review for a year. Lock said he visited the Bentley store and even came to the grand opening last year of the Rolls Royce dealership, where he saw Dominic’s car collection.

“He had a competent team, and we were impressed with their skills,” Lock said. “He is very knowledgeable about exotic sports cars and he successfully ran a multimillion dollar business.”

As a dealer, Dominic halted print advertising, which he calls old fashioned, and shifted all marketing to digital. Sales and finance people got iPads loaded with vehicle and financial information.

On the finance side, “we have real time accounting so the company knows where it stands. We can close the books in a day for the month. That was one of the key things I did.”.

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18 Mar

Blenheim Ginger Ale is the world’s best spicy ginger ale. Our boutique ginger ale is one of America’s oldest soft drinks with roots dating back over 110 year to 1903. Back then it was a small business built by two local Blenheim, SC men using water from artisanal well water and Jamaican ginger as a health tonic for troubled stomachs. Today it’s still a small family run business that is a labor of love keeping this great tradition alive.

The Ides of March give way to one of America’s favorite holidays. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most heavily celebrated times of the year. People love to have a green beer or three and maybe an adult beverage to mark the occasion. But what is the occasion actually? Many people aren’t even aware of what St. Patrick’s Day is really celebrating. They get caught up in the beads, shamrocks, green clothing, and green beer, but don’t think about the cause of the occasion.


St. Patrick was a Christian missionary and Bishop who became known for starting churches and monasteries throughout the country of Ireland. He spent 40 years traveling the country bringing the Christian faith to everyone from paupers to kings. One of the many miracles attributed to him was driving all the snakes from Ireland. He died on March 17, 461 A.D. and the people of Ireland turned this day into a celebration of his incredible life. Over the years the celebration has broadened to become a worldwide affair. In the United States there are more people of Irish descent than in Ireland itself. St. Patrick’s Day has turn out to be a national iconic party.

In an ironic twist, people celebrate this saint of the Christian faith by having a few alcoholic beverages. We already know that Blenheim spicy ginger ale makes an excellent mixer, so this month we have an Irish drink that’s perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day party. It’s a little known trivia fact that ginger ale was invented in Ireland in 1851, so combining it with Irish whiskey makes perfect sense. One of the easiest recipes is to fill a highball glass with ice, add 1.5oz of your favorite Irish whiskey, fill the glass the rest of the way with your favorite Blenheim ginger ale flavor and garnish with a twist of lemon or lime.

Blenheim Ginger Ale makes a superb addition to an Irish Gold cocktail. This tasty drink combines whiskey, ginger ale, peach schnapps and orange juice into a refreshing cocktail. Follow the recipe below, and as always enjoy responsibly.


2 parts Irish Whiskey

2 parts Ginger ale

1/2 part peach schnapps

Splash of orange juice

Lime wheel for garnish


Build the whiskey, schnapps and juice in a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wheel.

If you need to find Blenheim Ginger Ale near you, our Store Locator is a great tool. You can also order our spicy ginger ale from the Blenheim Online Store.

Do you have a favorite drink, food or cocktail recipe that make with one of our spicy ginger ale products? Leave a comment below and we might feature it in an upcoming blog post.

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28 Feb

anneaux Améthyste sont toujours magnifique, et peuvent être trouvés pour répondre à toute gamme de prix. Améthyste et sterling anneaux sont souvent peu coûteux, et bien que les grosses pierres en eux sont techniquement défectueux d’une certaine façon, la plupart du temps, les défauts ne sont pas tout ce que votre oeil détecterait. Toutefois, si vous avez un peu plus d’argent à dépenser, vous pouvez obtenir des pierres sans faille sur or jaune, or blanc ou platine par les bijoutiers de classe mondiale.

Belles Styles de Améthyste Anneaux

Un solitaire améthyste peut être un anneau impressionnant, doté d’une pierre exquise couper dans une coupe d’émeraude, taille princesse, taille brillant, ou l’un des autres normes de l’industrie. Il y a aussi des jeux de canal magnifique anneaux d’améthyste, qui sont des bandes de identiquement pierres taillées fixées à côté de l’autre à l’intérieur d’une bande de métal précieux.goosesale Beaucoup de femmes pile canal set anneaux, et une bande de réglage de canal améthystes aurait fière allure avec un certain nombre d’autres pierres, y compris des saphirs, plusieurs des couleurs de topaze comme le bleu et le rose, et bien sûr à côté de diamants, aussi bien.

Pour quelqu’un qui aime vraiment violet, ou améthystes spécifiquement, un anneau pourrait effectivement être la meilleure option de bijoux. Contrairement à des colliers et des boucles d’oreilles, vous pouvez voir vos bagues lorsque vous les avez sur, ce qui signifie que vous obtenez plus de plaisir sur un morceau favori. Souvent, des colliers ou des boucles d’oreilles sont choisis pour compléter les tenues et plus d’attention est accordée à une combinaison spécifique d’éléments, mais souvent les femmes portent leurs anneaux préférés tous les jours, donc un anneau d’améthyste bien-aimé pourrait être avec vous tous les jours, peu importe ce que vous êtes portant.

Si vous voulez obtenir un cadeau pour une femme dans votre vie, mais vous n’êtes pas prêt pour toutes les questions sur ce que un moyen de diamant, bagues améthyste peuvent être belles pièces qui lui font sentir spécial sans forcer les sujets que vous et elle aussi Aren ‘ t prêt pour. Et puis, si vous êtes prêt à se fiancer et les femmes que vous aimez aime vraiment améthystes et / ou ne vous attendez pas à flirter avec la faillite juste pour lui acheter un morceau gigantesque de glace pour montrer, vous devriez envisager un anneau d’améthyste que une bague de fiançailles. Ne laissez pas l’industrie du diamant vous pousser autour de améthystes sont toujours, aussi!

Analyse des résultats Pour Red Hat Inc

Red Hat Inc. a récemment rapporté ses résultats financiers préliminaires sur la base duquel CapitalCube fournit une analyse unique, par les pairs de la société. Notre analyse est basée sur la performance de l’entreprise au cours des douze derniers mois (sauf indication contraire).

L’analyse de Red Hat Inc. par rapport pairs utilise l’ensemble des pairs suivants: Oracle Corp. (NYSE: ORCL), VMware Inc. (NYSE: VMW), Hewlett Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), Citrix Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS), Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), CA Inc. (NASDAQ: CA), BMC Software Inc. (NASDAQ: BMC) et Quest Software Inc. (NASDAQ: QSFT). Le tableau ci-dessous présente les résultats préliminaires ainsi que la récente tendance des revenus, le bénéfice net et le rendement.

Red Hat Inc. se négocient actuellement à un ratio plus élevé Prix / livre (7,5) que la médiane des pairs (5.5). Le marché attend Red Hat Inc. de croître plus vite que la médiane de ses pairs choisis (PE de 76,8 par rapport à la médiane des pairs de 30,4), et d’améliorer son ROE courant de 10,3%, ce qui est inférieur à la médiane des pairs de 15,8%. Ainsi, le marché semble attendre un redressement de la performance actuelle de Red Hat Inc..

Les marges bénéficiaires de l’entreprise sont en dessous de la médiane des pairs (actuellement de 12,0% par rapport à la médiane des pairs de 16,5%), tandis que son efficacité d’actifs est d’environ médiane (actif devient de 0,5x par rapport à la médiane des pairs de 0,5x). marge nette de Red Hat Inc. est inférieure (mais à l’intérieur d’un écart type) de sa marge nette moyenne sur cinq ans de 12,6%.

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Les provisions de Red Hat Inc. au cours des douze derniers mois sont positifs, ce qui suggère une accumulation de réserves. développe et supporte Linux et des solutions logicielles open source. Il fournit des solutions logicielles open source pour l’entreprise, y compris la plate-forme de système d’exploitation de l’entreprise, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, la plate-forme entreprise de middleware, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, les solutions de virtualisation et de cloud et d’autres technologies d’entreprise de Red Hat. Red Hat opère principalement au travers de trois entités géographiques: Amériques, Europe, Moyen-Orient et en Afrique et en Asie-Pacifique. La société a changé son nom de Red Hat Software, Inc. Red Hat, Inc. en Juin 1999. Red Hat offre également un soutien, de formation et de conseil à ses clients du monde entier. La société a été fondée par Robert F. Ce rapport a été produit par AnalytixInsight à titre informatif seulement et rien dans les présentes ne doit être interprété comme une offre d’achat ou de vente ou une sollicitation d’une offre d’acheter ou de vendre un titre ou d’instrument dérivé. Ce rapport est à jour qu’à la date à laquelle il a été publié et les opinions, estimations, évaluations et autres informations peuvent changer sans préavis ni publication. Les performances passées ne préjugent pas des résultats futurs. Avant de procéder à un investissement ou autre décision financière, s’il vous plaît consulter vos conseillers financiers, juridiques et fiscaux. AnalytixInsight ne doit pas être tenu responsable de l’utilisation de toute partie de ce rapport. AnalytixInsight est pas un courtier et ne pas acheter, vendre, maintenir une position, ou faire un marché en toute sécurité désignée ici. L’un des principaux principes pour nous à AnalytixInsight est que la meilleure personne pour gérer vos finances est vous. Par votre utilisation de nos services ou en lisant tous nos rapports, vous êtes d’accord que vous portez la responsabilité de vos propres décisions en matière de recherche et d’investissement investissement. Vous acceptez également que AnalytixInsight, ses administrateurs, ses employés et ses agents ne seront pas responsables de toute décision d’investissement ou action prise par vous et d’autres sur la base de nouvelles, d’information, d’opinion, ou tout autre matériau généré par nous et / ou publiés grâce à nos services.

Divulgation: Je n’ai pas des postes dans tous les stocks mentionnés, et aucun plan pour initier des positions dans les prochaines 72 heures. J’ai écrit cet article moi-même, et il exprime mes propres opinions. Je ne reçois pas une compensation pour cela. Je n’ai pas de relation d’affaires avec une société dont les actions sont mentionnées dans cet article .

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Blenheim Ginger Ale is America’s favorite old-timey spicy ginger ale. Our family run business based at America’s favorite roadside attraction, South of the Border in Hamer, SC, has been making the most flavorful ginger ale on the market for over 100 years. Every once in a while we like to spotlight one of the fine stores that carry the best hot ginger ale on the planet.

This month we visit the Sweet Briar Country Market in Lexington, NC. In addition to carrying Good Old Blenheim Ginger Ale, they carry Amish foods, bulk foods, fresh baked goods, all-natural meats and much more. Located in the downtown section of North Carolina’s barbeque capitol, this store brings a great variety of classic country market goods to shoppers. Here’s the front so you won’t cruise by it’s location at 28 West 2nd Street.


Look for the We Sell Old Fashion Blenheim Ginger Ale sign as you walk down the street.


Sweet Briar stocks all three of our ginger-blasted sodas: #3 Hot Red Cap, #5 Not-As-Hot Gold Cap, #9 Diet White Cap


How about a bag of delicious sweets? They sell all sorts of candy from classics like Squirrel Nut Zippers and liquorice to different kinds of gummy candy that the kids just love. An with Valentine’s Day right around the corner all the chocolate flavors and fudge would be perfect.


If one nice, cold Blenheim Ginger Ale just isn’t enough for you, grab a whole case while you are here.


Sweet Briar Country Market has just about any spice or seasoning mix that you might want. We brought home some whole nutmeg and a little gadget that had a place to store a piece of nutmeg inside and a fine grater. Now our Bechamel sauce really has real zing to it.


Amish foods are a specialty at Sweet Briar in Lexington, NC. You can find jams, jellies, honey, salsas and a wide variety of pickled vegetables. The pickled eggs are a must try and they go really well with our Old #3 spicy ginger ale.


So the next you around Lexington, NC and get the craving for the best ginger ale on the planet, stop by Sweet Briar Country Market and pick up a case or three of Good Ole Blenheim Ginger Ale. If you can’t find our ginger ale near you, we can ship it to you by the case directly from the Blenheim Shop. Our Interactive Blenheim Store Locator will help you find the retailer nearest to you.

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