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17 Apr

Here at Blenheim Ginger Ale we are always interested in what people think of our products. Our ginger ale dates back 110 years to 1903 when Dr. R.C. Mays began adding Jamaican ginger to the mineral spring waters found in Blenheim, SC to improve the strong taste. To this day, Blenheim Ginger Ale remains a small, family-run boutique soda company with a product that delights and enthralls some, but can be a sensory overload to other folks delicate little taste buds.

We recently found this review of Blenheim Old #3 Red Cap on the Soda Tasting Youtube Channel. It’s a pretty good representation of how people feel about our powerful ginger ale. Some love the spicy smackdown on their tongue, while it’s a bit too much for others. Of course, we also offer a slightly tamer version with a little less heat, but that same full-flavor ginger kick. Our #5 Gold Cap Blenheim Ginger Ale is pretty smooth, but with a giant ginger flavor that outshines that dull ginger ale in dull plastic bottles from the grocery store.

The Hot Diggity Philly guys also gave us quick little shout out. They carry a great selection of small, independent sodas from all over the country, and we are glad they have included Blenheim Ginger Ale in their shop.

But our favorite video is from Act Three’s channel. His friends have apparently challenged him to chug a bottle of our spicy Old #3 Red cap, and being a brave soul he accepts the challenge. The look on his face and his expression when he finishes the bottle is priceless. And he ends it with what should be our new slogan~”Now that’s a ginger ale”.

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4 Responses to “Blenheim Ginger Ale Reviews”

  1. Donna says:

    Again I must say Blenheim ginger ale is “the” best ale ever produced for the public. My son has seasonal allergies that can get very bad sometimes. I gave him one of the red hot red cap ales and within moments of him drinking it he was much better.Keep them comming Blenheim and keep your prices low too!

  2. Thanks for sharing my review. :) I appreciate it. I look forward to trying the gold cap.


  3. Felicia says:

    I started drinking Blenheim after feeling nausea it helped to settle my stomach. Thank you for this amazing drink.

  4. Mozjdeh says:

    The first time I had this ginger ale was in a general store right outside of Mount Pleasant, SC when I was about 9 years old. I had no idea it was made in South Carolina, but I have been drinking it ever since! It’s soo yummy and delicious, and made with tons of amazing ginger. I’m feeling under the weather today and I kid you not the Not As Hot ale has made my stomach feel ten times better! I also got a Hot ale too forblater. This is literally a remedy for keeping nausea at bay, and it tastes like heaven too! Makes me very proud to be a South Carolinian.

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