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Blenheim Ginger Ale has a new Interactive Store Locator Map so you that you can find out where to buy America’s oldest independent soft drink and the spiciest ginger ale on the planet. Our fans on the Blenheim Facebook Page often ask us what store in their area has our products. Now everyone can find out by clicking on their state for a list of smart retailers with exceptionally good taste in sodas near them.

We will also be featuring a Blenheim retailer on our blog every once in while, like the Mast General Store. They have several locations throughout the Carolinas where you can purchase Good Ole Blenheim. In an upcoming article, we shine the spotlight an Amish-style general store in Lexington, NC that stocks all of the Blenheim Ginger Ale products, along with candy, meats, cheese and homemade baked goods. I have personally tested out the pie and bread for you guys already and they are magnificent. So check back for that article coming up soon.

If you know a place in your neck of the woods that has Good Ole Blenheim and isn’t listed on our map, you can send us a Tweet to @GoodOleBlenheim and we will add them to our list of fine vendors that carry Blenheim Ginger Ale.

If you don’t have a retailer near you, you can always order from the our Blenheim Ginger Ale Online Store and we will ship some Good Old Blenheim Ginger Ale directly to your home.

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2 Responses to “Blenheim Ginger Ale Store Locator Interactive Map”

  1. b,kloss says:

    Need to get to south of the boader for 6pks. diet.
    Great for tummy problems every time. My savior when I don’t feel well.

  2. F.W. Willis says:

    I think about how awesome this Ginger Ale is everyday. What an awesome company as well, to spotlight a small vendor like this. It makes me love you guys even more. I always buy new Ginger Ales and Ginger Beers when I see them, and I’m always astonished at how drastically inferior they are to The ‘Heim. Like, most soft drinks are a little better or a little worse as you shop between brands; but, I’ve never encountered such a difference between basic products as I have in comparing Blenheim to all the other brands.
    One thing I wanted to mention, you guys are carried in this new chain (at least as far as I know) called Fresh Market, which I haven’t seen listed anywhere on your site. I just happened to get lucky in finding it there. Just wanted to let people know if they’re pulling their hair out trying to find it.

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