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17 Oct

I was sent to a physiotherapist for the standard three visits and discharged with the note “headaches better”. They weren’t. I tried an osteopath recommended by my doctor, whose treatment seemed to involve holding my toes. George Sakellaris describes his sense of style as “edgy rocker with classic undertones.” When we spotted the Harbor East resident outside his boutique, Handbags In The City, the classic undertones dominated his look. His Burberry trench coat purchased from the Burberry store in Towson Town Center looked timeless. His button down French Connection shirt and 1921 Jeans were purchased from his boutique.

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Some come to find a relaxing place to unwind. Some go to meet people, while some check out the great drinks and food. If you are planning on generating a high volume business, your nightclub needs to focus on themes that have mass appeal. There nothing like a pure and simple gown or dress to slip into when it time to head out to a black tie affair or cocktails, but designers offered combinations of separates as a fresh take on party clothes. The late Bill Blass was among those who loved the relaxed look of a sweater and full length skirt, and his idea was revived by everyone from Ralph Lauren who showed a fisherman knit cable with a tiered skirt to Donna Karan DKNY, where full skirts went over skinny pants. The team of Badgley Mischka showed chic fur trimmed twin sets or jeweled sweaters with metallic tweed evening skirts.

So why are these incredibly simple devices so popular? The answer is because they offer so many benefits for the wearer and the company or organization using them. Since there are so many different types available, how do you know which one would be the best for your company? Choosing the right lanyards will be easier when you have some basic information about the different options you have. Maybe you need the cards for school or for a small business you own.

4. The perfect party dress. I featured in a photo shoot for the upcoming issue of City Arts Magazine, and I ended up coveting it for myself. The CEO recently stated that one of the biggest challenges they are facing is the greater demand for ecommerce versus brick and mortar stores. However, the company should do well as long as they continue to invest in their ecommerce platform to meet consumer demand. More so than ever, consumers are flocking to their computers to purchase retail.

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Revenge Sex


16 Oct

Dr. People always seem to provoke emotional pain in the ones they love. Unfortunately, as the importance of the relationship rises, so do their defenses against getting hurt or being abandoned, betrayed, misunderstood or unappreciated. For example, when you feel that your partner has mistreated you in some way, you often lash out in anger. This reaction is common unwise and potentially stupid. Let look at why people tend to respond with such anger, the dangers and what can help reign in hot headedness.

Anger and hurt are opposite sides of the same coin.a href=”” target=”_blank”>canada goose jacket If your past relationships and life with your parents and caregivers were emotionally harmful, then you might be more vulnerable to both deep feelings of hurt and anger when your partner upsets you by actions such as lying, withdrawing, yelling, ignoring, misinterpreting, cheating or being insensitive.

You might also be more susceptible to what is called the or flight response brain and body reaction to perceived threats such as loss of your partner love and the negative behaviors mentioned above. This or flight response occurs in the brain hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which contribute to a dramatic increase in the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Your breathing and heart rate increase, you panic or feel sick to your stomach, and your anger becomes stronger than your ability to reason. If your family or caregivers used anger and abuse to express their emotions, then you might also have learned that these reactions are acceptable and expected.

The Dangers of the or Flight Response:

Stress Triggers and Stupid and Dangerous Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Stress Triggers. Many couples experience similar situations and stress triggers that provoke feelings of anger and revenge. The top relationship triggers include finding out your partner has cheated, lied, took off with your money or used money irresponsibly, got into trouble with the law, became addicted to pornography, criticized you, embarrassed you, hit you or the children, forgot your birthday or anniversary, was not supportive during your illness, got high or drunk too or was insensitive in general.

Many couples can survive these reactions, but sexual affairs seem to cut the deepest. They rob your feelings of trust, being loved and cared for, and they replace these important feelings with the gut wrenching emotion of being abandoned. At least a third of couples do not recover from affairs they are also highly dangerous to the life of the marriage or relationship.

Stupid and Dangerous Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. All biological drives aggression, hunger, pleasure powerful grips on humans. When your partner cheats, the force of those biological urges can get the better of you one of the things that cheating provokes is a feeling of wanting to get even and punish the other spouse. It a bad case of good for the goose is good for the gander. It an immature and hurtful act in response to being hurt.

Some partners run out and have affair get even. Others, rather than have sex, have spending. For example, a man might run out and buy that boat he been wanting or a woman might go on an expensive shopping spree. One women marched into her husband closet and cut the sleeves off all his expensive suits when he complained about his wife clothing expenditures. He told her he didn know why a stay at home mother needed high priced designer outfits.

These seemingly fun reactions serve the dual purpose of getting back at the other partner and also that deep hole of hurt in the partner who is hurt. But the satisfaction from these revenge acts is short lived. Soon, the wronged person has opened an can of worms in the relationship. The real danger occurs when these worms crawl so far away that they can be put back and forgotten. Now the couple is trapped in a domino affect of hurt me I hurt you. For instance, the woman who cut the sleeves off her husband suits was really reacting to feeling unimportant. She had temporarily suspended her career to raise the two children and no longer felt vital. Since she accompanied her husband to charity events, she felt she needed to the other people with her appearance.

The first step is to make a list of all the reactions that you want to change about YOURSELF. Show it to your partner and ask him or her to make one about his/her reactions.

The second step is for each of you to tell the other what reaction you would prefer. Be very detailed. Imagine you are giving precise directions to actors on a stage. For example, if your partner was not supportive when you went to the hospital, don just say, weren there for me. Your partner is likely to say, do you mean? I drove you there and sat right next to you. Instead, say to your partner, need you to hold my hand and tell the nurse that you want to come in immediately to the recovery room. Script the scene with actions and words.

The third step is to make a list of those totally unacceptable behaviors such as hitting. Tell your partner in advance that if these reactions occur, you will remove yourself quietly but quickly from the area. You might even need to develop a more elaborate Plan such as have a safe place to go, keep 911 on your speed dial and have cash at a friend house.

The fourth step is to review your lists and rehearse them in your minds. The brain often does not know the difference between an imagined event and a real one. So, by rehearsing, imagining and saying your lines out loud, you begin to your brain to develop new brain wiring that, over time, become stronger than your anger reactions.

The fifth step is to become more aware of your body reactions, thoughts and feelings when you do get angry. If you are experiencing a desire to even, have sex, harm your partner or say words that cannot easily be taken back, then try to catch yourself before you complete the dangerous behavior.

Develop to each other. For example, tell your partner to breathe or count to ten. Agree ahead of time which signals will not make the situation worse. When you are in company, for example, you might just nod your head at your head.

The last step is to examine yourself to find out the root of the reactions. The woman who cut off her husband suit sleeves realized that she needed adult company and adult accomplishments. She felt fever from being at home with the children. She decided to become more active in charities. She also discussed a clothing budget with her husband his clothing as well as hers!

Remember that you can help reduce the domino affect of anger, revenge and hurt, but you cannot ultimately be responsible for your partner reactions. If you feel you are in danger, get professional help.

For Women Only: If you would like to be part of Dr. Wish research for her next book on women love relationships and get one hour of FREE counseling, go to her website and click in the Research box in the upper right and take the online research survey. Be sure to include you contact information and the word SELFGROWTH so that Dr. Wish can contact you.

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Red and Gold Mountain FoilageBlenheim Ginger Ale is getting ready for the cool, wonderful fall weather that’s set to invade the Carolina’s very soon. It’s been a long hot summer here at South of the Border in Hamer, SC, almost as hot as our Old #3 Ginger Ale in the S.O.B cocktail. This month we start a new blog series called the “Vendor Spotlight”. Every so often we will highlight one of the fine retailers that has the good taste to carry the great taste of Good Ole Blenheim.

One of the great Southern Fall traditions for many families is a yearly trek to the Appalachian Mountains. Nearly every October we head up toward the Blue Ridge Parkway to buy farm fresh apples and check out the changing color of the Fall leaves. We really love when the leaves match our bottle cap colors of Gold and Red.

 While you are exploring the splendid sights in the mountains of North Carolina, you are never far from an icy cold bottle of Good Ole Blenheim. One of our biggest vendors is the Mast General Store family of traditional mercantile goods shops. We don’t often find too many businesses old than us, but their original location in Valle Crucis, NC has been in business since 1883 and that’s 20 years more than Blenheim. We don’t often find too many businesses older than us, and we salute the spirit of this fine company.

 Mast General Store is on the National Register of Historic Sites as one of the best examples of an old-timey country story. Their motto of “Cradle to Caskets” meant they tried to carry anything the families of the valley might need for daily life. Soon people begin to have a saying “If you can’t buy it here, you don’t need it.” You could buy everything from cloth to make diapers to plows for the field. At various times you could also find a doctor’s office, post office and trading post inside the store. It was truly the community hub of Valle Crucis.

 Now Mast General Store has expanded to 8 locations throughout Appalachia and the Carolinas. Their stores stretch from Knoxville, TN to Greenville, SC and include cities like Boone, Asheville and Hendersonville in the N. Carolina mountain country. So anywhere along your Fall leaf watching and apple picking sojourn, a spicy Blenheim Ginger Ale won’t be far away to kill that Autumn chill.

 You can connect with Blenheim Ginger Ale by subscribing to our Blog for occasional updates, “Like” the Official Blenheim Ginger Ale Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@GoodOleBlenheim).

 If you don’t live near the Blenheim Ginger Ale headquarters at South of the Border Tourist Attraction, you can use the Blenheim Store Locator to find a vendor near you. We also offer direct Factory-to-Door shipping from the Blenheim Ginger Ale Online Shop.

 This is the only store directly owned, operated and run by Blenheim Ginger Ale, and the only place you can get the new Mixed Case which allows you to choose any of the Good Ole Blenheim Ginger Ale flavors you prefer.

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